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Quality provides confidence

Kulmbacher Mönchshof

Auer developped an innovative crate design for the Kulmbach brewery: The well-known beer bottles by Mönchshof found a perfect home in the asymetric F7 model.

The first 1 million pieces were manufactured with the proved quality by Auer. The F7 model also completely satisfied the customers needs with regard to the special snap-top bottles.


Kulmbacher Pils

The Kulmbacher 0.33l pils sixpacks are available in crates of 24 bottles on the market. These crates which present the sixpacks by the side openings, were tailor-made by Auer Packaging for this product.

The Kulmbach Brauerei which is part of the Heineken group, has entrusted Auer Packaging the whole bottle crate project – starting with the design, the production of the special tools needed and also the series production.

The first production amounted to 150 000 crates.



The Peniger brewery, a medium sized brewery in Saxony, made a trade agreement with a popular trade chain on the delivery of 0.5l snap-top bottles. Together with the trade chain, Peniger was looking for a simple, but elegant crate with a soft-tpch handle. After a short market exploration they both decided to have the crates produced by Auer – the attractive crate design and the unbeatable cost-effectiveness won the deal. The first production amounted to 150 000 crates. The follow-up orders proof that we made the right decision.


Adelholzener "ActiveO2"

The Adelholzener Alpenquellen, a famous upper Bavarian bottler of mineral water had Auer Packaging produce their bottle crate for their product “Active O2“.


Drinks 4 You "XXL"

It was meant to become an eye-catcher. It was meant to become more open than any other product in the market, but still robust at the same time. And also the budget had to be adhered to. The developping team by Auer finally realised a crate with a middle handle at low costs.

The product became successfull in a very short time period. In the meantime a lot more than 200 000 crates have been produced.


Albertus Quelle

Kela was looking for an individual presentation of their AFG line and found the perfect solution with Auer.


Kela Fruchsäfte

The company was looking for an individual presentation of the AFG product line and found the perfect solution for their requirements with Auer Packaging.


Privatbrauerei Stauder, Essen

The Privatbrauerei Stauder realised their imagined crate together with Auer Packaging. In the meantime the crate completely satisfies the requirements of the brewery – also with its little brother 24 x 0.33l – and sustainably supports the brewery in exploring new markets.

The same applies for the company Löwenbrauerei Teufel.


Heidelberger, Wernecker, Frankenbräu Mitwitz

All these breweries were looking for an established 24 x 0.33l bottle crate with an attractive design. They found exactly what they needed with Auer and have in the meantime introduced the Auer crates into the market.


Bergquell Löbau

The crate is used in 2 version in the whole brewery with an exceptionnally good result. The brewery was able to extend its success without any limitations.


Sternquell Brauerei, Possmann Apfelsaftprodukte

The brewery has purchased the F4 with a neutral design and now is using it very successfully in a labelled version in the market.

The well-known producer of apple-juice and apple-wine (Äppelwoi) based in Frankfurt, has found a tailor-made solution to introduce the small 0.33l bottles into the market with the F4 crate by Auer


Braugold, Eisenacher, Alpirsbacher, Michelsbräu

All these companies use the 11 x 0.5l crate by Auer. The decided in favout of Auer because of the excellent cost effectiveness and the quality according to the present StLB of VLB and individual amounts.

    Quality made in Germany