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News from AUER Packaging

Investing in the future


A new generation of space saving containers was recently given the go-ahead. AUER Packaging commissioned the global market leader in injection die casting tool production with a total of 43 tools. The overall investment sum totals approximately EUR 5 million. CEO Robert Auer plans to introduce the new space saving container product lines on to the market at the end of 2011 or the start of 2012.


"Rigoletto" inspection block
now available


If new sealed surfaces, such as tarred car parks for example, are built, the law states that gravel-free infiltration systems be used to drain the rain water. At IFAT 2010, AUER Packaging revealed its "Rigoletto" inspection block, which meets the strict legal regulations. Series production began in February 2011 and Rigoletto is now available.

The core of the system is a highly stressable trenching support medium made of polypropylene with a hollow space proportion of 95%. It features pipe connections on the side, through which water can pass three-dimensionally with almost no resistance, and can be combined as required. A continuous inspection tunnel allows automotive camera dollies to be used. The inspection tunnel features wide-meshed grates on the side which serve to control the infiltration-effective exterior surface as well as the entire trenching volume with all statically relevant supporting elements. The trenching system is designed for professional approval inspections and repeat inspections. It can also be installed under traffic areas and at great depths.

Matching end wall grates are available to close the inspection tunnel on the Rigoletto. End wall adapters on the trenching end wall are designed for direct pipe connections and can simply be clicked into place. The Rigoletto inspection blocks can be stacked offset into one another to save space during transport.


AUER Packaging commissions
the new warehouse


AUER Packaging bears in mind the increasing space need due to the opening of new markets in Europe and reacts with the extension of its storage capacities. At the end of november 2009 the construction of a new warehouse with in total 7,500 storing positions for palets was constructed and commissioned in december 2009.

The amazing consecuences of this expansion measure for the AUER clients all over the world are more flexibility in the production planning, higher capacities of goods and therefore shorter terms of order processing.


DHL Netherlands relied on the boxes from AUER


DHL Netherlands, an establishment of the global logistic leader "Deutsche Post DHL" (= German Royal Mail), was so convinced of the caracteristics of the collapsible containers KLK 1210 with 4 cut-out handles with flaps that they have passed a bulk order in November 2009: all packages that are sent by DHL Netherlands - and therefore a huge part of the packages in the Netherlands - are sorted now in these containers.

The advantages for DHL Netherlands are evident: Thanks to the cut-out handles with flaps it is comfortable and easy to empty the boxes, the fact that they can be stacked very well saves space in the logistic center and thanks to the reducing of volume once being collapsed, you save important capacities during the transport and thats worth cash.

Thanks to the flexible production process, orders of this dimension can also be processed in a fast and professional way.


AUER Packaging now also
present in the UK


Following the successfull market entries in various European countries within the last few months, products by AUER Packaging are now also available in the UK. The company`s philosophie `directly from the manufacturer` will surely also prove itself in the UK market. As the UK is one of Germany`s most important trading partners, the opening of the Birmingham office constitutes the consequent pursuit of AUER`s recipe of success: transport and Storage containers at an unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

Contact details:
AUER Packaging U.K.
4200 Waterside Centre
Birmingham Business Park
UK – Birmingham, B37 7YN

Tel.: 0808 234 3319 (toll free)
Fax: 0808 234 3328 (toll free)


Opening of sales department
for Belgium and the


Up to now, the products of AUER Packaging have only been available in Belgium and the Netherlands by trading agents. Now the company finally has its own branches in these two countries. „The successfull market entries within the last few months in various European countries, have clearly shown that our philosophy `directly from the manufacturer` - actually taken from the German market – can also be applied for other countries. Therefore we are convinced to have taken another step into the right direction with our direct presence in the Benelux Countries“, states managing director Robert Auer.


New order by Kapuziner


The „Kapuziner concept“ of the Kulmbach brewery perfectly catches the spirit of the quality-conscious and tradition-conscious target group. Therefor it is little wonder that AUER Packaging has been ordered to produce at least another 50 000 bottle crates – only 4 months after the initial production in February 2009. The idea of Kapuziner is the following: The ancient brewing tradition of the city of beers Kulmbach is being resurrected with a high-quality Weissbier authentically botteld in beer bottles with stopper swings. The close Cooperation of the Kulmbach brewery with AUER Packaging and the Swiss designing partner Estragon, resulted in an individual bottle crate that effectively stages the products and the brand personality of Kapuziner.
due to the high-quality inmold-labelling technique, the customer is confronted with a shining, big glass of
Weissbier in the drinks cash-and-carry – a sight that puts people in the mood of consumption only by looking at the crate. The combination of the popular Kapuziner 3-D stroke and the brand emblem – a nice Capuchin monk with a glass of Weissbier – on the dark-green coloured crate catch the customers`attention. Managing director Robert Auer states: „Kapuziner is a very good example for proving the fact that a consequent implementation of an individual brand personality in the developping process of a bottle crate, will be richly awarded with success“. As the design of the beer crate is implemented in accordance with the curved lines of the beer glass and the logo, the design also creates a uniqueness regarding shape. That fact completely satisfies the uniqueness of the nostalgically-touched premium brand.


Market entry in Spain after successfull fair


The great approval at the HISPAC 2009 in Barcelona proved that the Spanish market offers a high potential for the products of AUER packaging. This fair was aolso the premiere of AUER Packaging`s IBC: it was the first time that AUER presented the filled container to a very interedted audience. The successfull fair presence opened the doors for the Spanish market. Since May 2009 AUER Packaging is now regularly sending goods to the Iberian peninsula. Within a short time period the country has become one of the most Important pillars of AUER Packaging`s European market.


Poland is the second East-European country
in AUER`s sales area


For some time AUER has received orders from Poland. This pleasant development is clearly shwoing that the „iron curtain“ is finally a part of the past in a united Europe. This was a sufficient reason for the Upper-Bavarian company to extent its sales to Poland. After the successfull market entry in Hungary in 2008, Poland is already the second East-European country in AUER Packaging`s sales area.


AUER Packaging is now also
represented in Switzerland


We are ready: Since the beginning of 2009 AUER Packaging has been operating across the whole German-speaking market! With the opening of the branch in Neuendorf in the Solothurn canton, the company now also has a presence in Switzerland.
Company founder, Robert Auer comments: ‘The most recent successes in numerous European countries, where we were quickly able to gain a foothold with our product range, prove us right: with the unbeatable value for money of AUER-containers we are on the right track – this is the key which opens the door for us to access new markets’.
With the Swiss Marcel Eberhard as General Manager of the new branch we have managed to obtain an experienced professional in the field of warehousing and logistics requirements, who is completely familiar with the characteristics and practices of the Swiss market. ‘Of course, from Neuendorf we shall be serving all the Swiss cantons, including those in the French and Italian areas of Switzerland’, explains Marcel Eberhard.

AUER Packaging Schweiz
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
CH-8050 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel. 0800/559423 (toll free)
Fax 0800/559376 (toll free)


AUER Packaging
opens a branch in Paris


At the opening of the Emballage Trade Fair in Paris, AUER Packaging will be starting its marketing activities - now in France too. AUER Packaging has opened offices right in the centre of Paris, and with immediate effect is delivering its high quality containers. ‘We are certain that the “Made in Germany” quality of our products, and their unbeatable value for money will lead to success in France’, confidently stated Robert Auer, Managing Director of AUER Packaging. ‘France is the largest trading partner with the Federal Republic of Germany, therefore it was only a matter of time before we became active there!’, said Mr. Auer. The products from AUER Packaging will be on display from 17th to 21st November at the Emballage Trade Fair in Paris, in Hall 6, Stand 6 J 58.

18 Rue Pasquier
F-75008 Paris
Tél. 0800 911 666
Fax 0800 911 664


AUER Packaging
eröffnet Filiale in Ungarn


In der Nähe von Budapest, in Tatanbanya, hat AUER Packaging zum 01.09.2008 seine Ungarn Filiale eröffnet. „Der osteuropäische Markt und im speziellen Ungarn hat für die produzierende Industrie zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen.“ begründet Robert Auer diesen Schritt. „Die verarbeitende Industrie ist der größte Nachfrager nach Lager- und Transportbehältern aus Kunststoff bei AUER Packaging und wir erwarten uns durch diesen Schritt ein weiteres Wachstum unseres Unternehmens.“

AUER Packaging Hungaria
Elöd Vezer u. 14. 3/14
2800 Tatanbanya
Tel.: 06-34-786-796
Fax: 06-34-789-529

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